The Gore-Gore Rollergirls

The Gore-Gore Rollergirls have a shrouded history pre-dating the Toronto Roller Derby league. In 2005, Kandy Barr started RollerBug Skate Co., a small company selling designer roller skates for recreational use. At that time, she was looking to find girls interested in starting a roller derby team. With the assistance of Reverend Ramirez, Sally Slayer, Jewel Kicker, Demolition Dawn, and Lucky Lauder, a team was formed - The Smoke City Betties. The Betties grew in strength and popularity, gaining some notable new members: Foxy Sinatra and Ann Vil (both from the newly formed Death Track Dolls), Miss Betty Payne, Strange Angel, and Lock'n'Roll. In the summer of 2006, D-Day was hosted by The Smoke City Betties, inviting derby girls from Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, and Buffalo, NY. D-Day's goal was to bring newly formed roller derby teams together in the spirit of sisterhood and competition, with many closed scrimmages occurring throughout the day and a night of harcore partying on skates at Toronto's Bovine Sex Club. Relatively soon after D-Day, the Betties divided and half the team went on to start The Gore-Gore Rollergirls. Sometime after, the Betties further divided, with some members leaving to start the GTA Rollergirls (GTAR).

The Gore-Gore Rollergirls' founding members were: Kandy Barr, Foxy Sinatra, Ann Vil, Lock'n'Roll, Miss Betty Payne and Reverend Ramirez as Manager.

Since then, The Gore-Gore Rollergirls dynasty has changed and grown - keeping its roots in having DIY ethic, a competitive spirit, and the basic idea that training hard wins games. The Gories work hard and play even harder. They are notorious for playing hard for the entire game, having the largest average point spread in Toronto's first two seasons.

The Gories won Toronto Rollerderby's Championship and The Boot trophy in both the 2007, 2009 and 2010 seasons. Playing an undefeated season in 2009 and 2010.

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